How long is our Warranty Policy?
Our warranty policy period is subject to two years. 


What is our Warranty Policy?
We stand by the quality of our products, however, in the rare case of a fault the policy covers malfunction to the mechanical components, watch parts, or if the watch is not put together correctly, and or basically any errors or defects caused by the manufacturing of the watches. Our warranty policy is immediately effective upon purchase by the buyer. 
Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims and service requests, so you must keep your receipt. 


What is not included in our Warranty Policy?
- Damage as a result of improper use (scratches, bouncing & falling) 
- Damage as a result of lack of care
- The watch battery is not included in the policy
- Normal wear & tear
- Defects as a result of contact with water moisture greater than 5ATM
- Any wear & tear to the straps


What Water Resistance are our watches?
All our watches are made to 5ATM (50-meter atmospheres of overpressure). Our watches are tested to withstand 50 meters of water pressure, which means they are subject to light water activities such as showering, washing hands, rain etc.


We do NOT recommend wearing the watches during high-pressure water activities such as surfing & water sports.
We do NOT recommend allowing our leather bands to come into contact with moisture as it may reduce the quality and life of the bands. 




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