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Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is in full swing. To me, that means one thing before all else: togetherness. Whether it’s in my apartment with friends, making dinner and watching movies; dressing up onion-style (layer upon layer) to go ice-skating, or actually heading home to Germany for Christmas to see my family who all live there. This look from Banana Republic (our sponsor for today’s post!) has me feeling all sorts of that fall/winter-coziness.

Let’s start with the joggers: they’re low-key the ideal pant for the holiday season. Comfortable, classy, but OH SO STRETCHY. I mean, we all eat a lot, why not give yourself the freedom to eat beyond the limits of your jeans. Might just be me. Probably not though. The grey melange makes for a beautiful base of the look, and the rest of the pieces add to the pants to make it a more dapper ensemble.

The sweater and scarf are so insanely soft, thus easily holiday staples. How often have you seen me made the face right above? Never. That’s how soft it is. The blue check on the scarf picks up the beautiful royal blue melange of the sweater, and add a little color to the look which I picked up with the boots, watch, and shades.

Lastly, we have the slim-fitted salt and pepper overcoat to add the necessary elegance to the look, even though I chose to break that a little bit by popping up the collar and pushing the sleeves back. Something you might not necessarily want to do once the weather actually gets colder, but it works aesthetically.

So yeah, I feel ready for the holidays. How about y’all? If not, maybe you should check out and see if you can score a look that’ll make that happen for ya 

Photography by Bryant Littrean in Partnership with Banana Republic


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